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আপ অসম

"এতিয়া অসমতো আহিব পৰিবৰ্তন,
হ'ব কামৰ ৰাজনীতি, হ'ব দুৰ্নীতি মুক্ত অসম"

aap assam

As a party born out of a historic anti-corruption movement, the Aam Aadmi Party holds itself to the highest standards of probity. People were tired of the status quo, nepotistic, dynastic, corrupt, criminal and communal nature of our politics, and AAP’s emergence was a breath of fresh air in this backdrop. There are several reasons that make the Aam Aadmi Party unique and synonymous with the idea of honest and alternative politics in India:

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AAP is the only political party in India that runs 100% through crowdfunding and accounts for every rupee received.

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